How To Cut an Asymmetrical Bob In One Simple Step - Sam Villa

How To Cut an Asymmetrical Bob In One Simple Step

What is asymmetry in terms of hair cutting? It is simply a true diagonal line from short to long or long to short, that's it!

Let's discuss a powerful and easy technique for cutting the front of your Bob into an asymmetrical line, and, take the "guessing game" of how long or short it needs to be!

This is a snap and you are going to want to use this technique from now on! Here's how you do it:

  1. Once you have everything square, go to the front section that you want to be left longer.
  2. Stand on that side of the head, place the fine teeth of your cutting comb into the back section, bringing the longer front section into your comb.
  3. Slide the comb down until you reach the shorter length of the back section.  You now have one section - some from the shorter back and all of the uncut longer front.
  4. Now, simply bring the entire section around to the back. Using your corner as your guide, cut a horizontal line across the front section.
  5. When you release, the angle will be there for you - no more guessing!
  6. If you find you have a small gap between the back and front, simply go in freehand and clean it up.

There you have it!  We love to find different and easier ways of doing the same thing, don’t we?  Especially if it will save us time!

Now you try it and let us know how you make out!