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Cutting Hair With a Razor: Do's and Don'ts

How many of you have recommended a razor cut to that client who had just one unfavorable end result with a razor? You know the one, “I don’t ever want my hair to be cut with a razor again!” A lot of clients out there have had that one experience where they left the salon with their hair feeling rough and split.

We think you know by now that we love razors! They are fun to work with, we can create beautiful shapes and we know that excitement is created in the salon when stylists are using their razors.

You should recall that we set you up with the fundamentals of razor cutting. And now we want to turn you on to controlling your razor angle to keep the ends of the hair friendly and the cuticle layer of the hair intact.

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So why would a client be shy to a razor cut?

Let’s chat about the first two angles where the end results would be unfavorable.

Perpendicular or Right Angle:

Incorrect razor angle

Comb a section of your mannequin and come into the section at a right angle with the razor. Think about an upside down “T”. Coming into the section with the razor right on top of the section will result in a very rough cutting action. Listen, as you will really hear the cuticle being shattered.

Flat Angle:

Incorrect razor angle

If we hold the razor at too flat of an angle the ends of the hair will loose their friendliness – the ends will be thin and weak. You will actually struggle to release the hair.

Now for the third and golden angle - about 45 degrees:

correct 45 degree razor angle

This is the most favorable angle we can approach the hair with when using a razor. This angle allows for clean and easy strokes resulting in more of a blunt look and feel to the ends of the hair – friendly ends!

If you happen to have a mannequin that has already been cut, get her out! You are going to want to try all three angles with your razor to really understand what results are created by each of them. Once you see the differences we believe you will have that “ah-ha” moment.

We believe that client will no longer be shy to the razor and you build your confidence and skills. You can make the difference and turn the client around from that one unfavorable experience!

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