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Signature Series and Essential Series Shears Differences

Sam Villa Signature Series Shears vs. Sam Villa Essential Series Shears. You've probably heard about our shears but might be wondering, "What are the differences?" The type of metal used, the length of the blades, our tension adjustment systems and cost are just a few of the differences. Let's get you up to speed so when it comes time to buy new professional shears you are holding the perfect pair that fits your wants and desires.

Signature Series Shears are the original, upper tier line with advanced ergonomic comfort and superior performance.  Shears created by a stylist, for stylists. These high-performance precision shears are made with Japanese molybdenum alloy and measure 60-61 on the Rockwell Hardness scale. They feature convex blades and a polymer lining at the pivot point for an incredibly smooth gliding action. The tension adjustment uses a unique Leaf Spring Tension System which evenly distributes proper tension across the length and width of the blades. Prices begin at $375 and are ideal for any stylist interested in a superior shear with all the “bells and whistles."

Essential Series Shears are the humble, yet powerful brother of the Signature Series Shears. Made from 440C Japanese Stainless Steel, these shears measure 58-59 on the Rockwell Hardness scale. The also feature convex blades and a Click Set Stream Line Tension System with a flat screw, making these shears ideal for slide cutting. Prices begin at $225 and are ideal for any stylist looking for that everyday “workhorse” shear.

Let's compare the Signature Series and Essential Series Shears and point out a few of the key differences:

Tension Adjustment


On the left, the Sam Villa Signature Series Shear utilizes a Leaf Spring Tension System while the Sam Villa Essential Series Shear on the right features a Click Set Stream Line Tension System. The Leaf Spring Tension System is more advanced, distributing even pressure across the length and width of the blade instead of at one point, as you see in the Essential Series Shear.

Polymer Lining


You'll notice that the Sam Villa Signature Series Shear on the left has a white strip in the pivot point. This is a polymer strip and its purpose is to provide a smoother cutting action vs. a metal on metal contact like you see on our Sam Villa Essential Series Shears. Polymer & teflon lining in the pivot point of the shear is usually found on premium hair cutting shears.

Ergonomic Crane Handle Design with Forward Set Thumb

A major difference when it comes to Sam Villa shears is the handle design. Both our Signature Series and Essential Series shears feature an ergonomic crane handle design along with the forward set thumb which forces your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder into a natural and neutral position.

"It’s not about another pair of shears, it’s about your hands,” says Sam Villa. “If a stylist drops their arm at their side in a neutral position, shakes it, brings it up naturally and holds a pair of my shears, they can feel the ergonomic design. Their elbow will be level, their hands and fingers will be in a neutral position with the shear blades horizontal, and minimal thumb movement is needed to open and close the shear. If the same stylist were also holding opposing grip shears, they would be set a different angle with the blades pointing more upward, and more input would be needed from the elbow, shoulder and thumb to level out and open and close those shears which causes more strain on those body parts.”

Watch the videos below to learn more about how Sam Villa shears will reduce or eliminate pain and place your body in a better and more comfortable cutting position.

Ergonomic Benefits of Sam Villa Shears

Eliminate Pain and Gain Control Over Your Shears

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