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Trick for Removing Tangles with a Detangling Brush

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When your hair is full of tangles what is the best way to get them out? This detangling brush trick that we're going to share with you is really simple and after you watch the video you will think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Read below and we'll explain how to detangle your hair with a flat brush.

Sam Villa Paddle Brush - best detangling hair brush

The key here is to understand the paddle brush. The shape of this detangling brush is flat and if you look at the pins coming up from the cushion you will notice that they are perfectly aligned in rows when you hold the brush vertically. If you hold the brush horizontally, the pins do not align – we like to call this a "forest of trees." See the images below to understand what we're saying.


Brush Turned Horizontal aka "Forest of Trees"

A paddle brush turned horizontally - great for wrap drying hair

When you turn the brush horizontally, the pins do not align creating a "forest of trees." This is how you want to hold the brush when you are wrap drying hair or anytime that you need more tension.


Brush Turned Vertically - The "Trees" Align

A paddle brush held vertically is perfect when you want to remove tangles from hair

When you turn the brush vertically you will notice that the pins align creating a "perfect row of trees." By holding the detangling brush vertically it will allow the brush to glide through the hair, removing tangles with ease.


How To Remove Tangles With a Detangling Brush

Hold the detangling brush vertically at an angle when removing tangles from hair

Using your Sam Villa Paddle Brush, hold the brush vertically (pins lined up) and only use the first few rows of pins to gently brush in a downward motion. Because the pins are aligned and you're using less rows of pins within the brush, the tangles will come out with less effort and it will prevent the brush from pulling the hair and/or creating more tangles.


How Not To Hold Your Brush

When removing tangles from hair, do not hold the brush horizontally as it will become more difficult to brush through the hair.

In the picture above you can easily see that by holding the brush horizontally, more pins are in contact with the hair – making it more difficult to brush through the hair. Also, since the pins on the brush do not align when held horizontally, the tangles in the hair get caught in the "forest of trees" making it impossible to brush through the hair without pulling or snagging.


So simple but life changing, right? This trick will also prevent breakage caused when you brush through your tangles. Give it a try and let us know what other tricks you use for detangling your hair by sharing in the comment box below.

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