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How to create a Hair Salon Mission Statement

We have 3 Partners at Elle Marie Hair Studio, Lorry who is my daughter and our Operations Manager, Jody, who is my son and our Marketing Manager and me, the Business Manager. Each of us has identified roles and responsibilities to support our business plan and help our company grow. We are a strong management team that supports and respects each other's roles in the company. We contribute our success and growth at Elle Marie partially to our strong Management Team. Jody, Lorry and I knew our first step to building an awesome organization was to develop a company culture. A company culture is its personality. A company culture refers to an organization's values, beliefs and behaviors.

The Culture of an organization impacts everyone productivity, morals, goals, values and momentum of a company. We knew the benefits of a good company culture increased productivity, increased morale, employee motivation, openness to change, involvement, teamwork, improved relationships between people, and last but perhaps most important, Satisfaction, Happiness, Joy and Pleasure. We knew there are few things more satisfying for employees than being part of a well-developed company culture. It is a real pleasure working in a company where people enjoy each other!

Identifying Elle Marie's Culture was a demanding, but rewarding process that took several days sitting in a room with a white board. We struggled as we all had our own ideas. We wanted something that we could share with our employees and with our guests. We wanted to write something that would distinguish us from our competitors. We wanted something that would be understood and embraced by our employees, to help us recruit and retain great people as well as be respected by our guests and the community. It took us several days, we completed our sessions with a written Mission Statement that describes who Elle Marie is, and a Vision and Values Statement that describes our team and our culture.

These statements should be unique as your salon's personality! We post our Mission Statement and Vision and Values in our back room so it is visible at all time to our employees. In addition, we review it at most staff meetings to ensure we always stay true to who we are. We are proud of our Mission Statement and Vision and Values. I happy to share them with you! Elle Marie Hair Studio Mission: To be the elite salon in our community by offering technical and creative excellence as a result of continued education of our friendly hair design consultants in the latest trends, the use of superior products, a unique environment and a comfortable guest experience. VISION AND VALUES: We are a team who values lifelong learning, constant improvement and excellence in a warm and friendly atmosphere of encouragement for all.

We value:

  • Our Team
  • Education in Latest Trends
  • Excellence in Implementation
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Trust in Each Other
  • Positive Environment


  • Friendly
  • Trendy
  • High Energy
  • Professional
  • Funky
  • Honest and Fair
  • Nice, Gracious, Courteous, Kind
  • High Class
  • Sophisticated
  • Likeable of each other and clients
  • Team oriented and supportive of each other
  • Reasonable Priced
  • Devoted and Loyal to our Clients
  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Growing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Sociable
  • Playful
  • Personable
  • Efficient
  • Communicative

Posted by Colleen Buck