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How to get more referrals for your hair salon

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Step One: "Make the connection"

Referrals are the number one most effective way to build your clientele!

There are TWO WAYS you can track a new client as a referral, one way is if YOU pass out a business card or referral promotion card to someone you meet, and they come in to visit you, or one of your client's sent someone in.

When a new client comes to see you because they loved what you did to someone else's hair, they are already dying to meet you, and have already fallen in love with your talented work on someone else!

What a great way to start a relationship with someone you have not already met before! As service providers, we want our schedules overflowing with referrals!!!

A great goal to have is 6 to 12 new referrals per month.

Step Two: "Get aggressive!"

Many salons have systems or programs set up for these special new clients. Lately salons have been very aggressive with referral bonus programs.

The most popular is $20 off the new guest's first service and $20 off the next service of the client that referred them. Another successful promotion is Bring a Friend and both receive 50% off!

Having different promotions available makes ideas easier to talk about. Check out for exclusive custom marketing tools that can be ordered, and sent right to your home!

Step Three: "Don't be afraid!"

While your client is still in your chair and is looking in the mirror at the end of the appointment, tell the guest, I love what we did on you today!

I know you are going to get a ton of compliments! I'm going to give you a few of my cards and when someone compliments you on your hair, reach in your pocket and pull out my card and hand it to them!

Guests need to be trained and educated on what to say, and how to help market you, rather than just saying "Thank You" when someone compliments them.

Step Four: "Utilize your front desk team to help you!"

Just like you, the front desk support staff should be promoting the salon when they are out in the world; to their friends, families, and people they meet. Make sure the front desk keeps business cards or referral cards in their purse to pass out!

A new guest is more likely to come to a salon when they are given a recommendation to the stylist that would best suit their hair needs. Why not have it be YOUR NAME!!!

At Crystal Focus Salon Coaching, we recommend a monthly goal of 5 referrals per month for every front desk professional to bring into the salon.  If they hit that goal, they are rewarded.

By: Jackey Bell Crystal Focus Salon Coaching