How to collapse a bob haircut - Sam Villa

How to collapse a bob haircut

We received a question on our Facebook page from Denise where she asked, "What is the best way to achieve the soft, wispy line at the bottom of a bob haircut and not end up with a triangular look?".

Tools You'll Need For Success:

The bob haircut has evolved over the years and now we're seeing the bob sitting closer to the head and not so triangluar.

How do you achieve this look? It's simple and here's how:

  1. Take a horizontal section at the parietal ridge and clip the hair on top out of the way.
  2. Compress the entire section below the parietal ridge and elevate it vertically and cut a horizontal line.
  3. When you release the hair you'll notice that you've collapsed the shape by creating a short to long effect.
  4. Release the hair that you clipped out of the way and voila - you've collapsed the hair underneath and your bob will now sit closer to the head.
  5. Next, you need to soften the perimeter.
  6. Simply comb the hair down and elevate horizontally and point cut into the ends, making sure that your shear is parallel with the hair - do not angle your shears while cutting or you will add more texture instead of diffusing the ends.
  7. Hot Tip: Another great technique for loosening up the hair is by using the back cutting technique. Learn how to back cut with your blunt shear.

Follow the steps above and your bobs will sit nicely to the head!