How To Create Quick Waves With A Flat Iron and Braids

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Creating soft waves in your hair using your flat iron can be tricky and complicated! But what if we showed you a way that requires no complicated techniques and takes only a few minutes to create? The technique you're about to learn will leave you with natural looking waves throughout the entire head that will last you all day.

Beauty Blogger Cara from MaskCara teamed up with Redken for this easy to follow video tutorial. So lets get started!

Tools Needed: Sam Villa Sleekr Straightening Iron: Why this iron? This iron has a curved body and rounded plates, preventing any snagging and pulling of the hair. Also, the hybrid flexible plates will provide even heat distribution, which is important as you use the iron on your braids.

Styling Products Needed:

Lets Make Some Waves:

Apply Redken One United to damp hair to help prevent from heat damage but also to add shine and condition the hair. Next, either take your Sam Villa Blow Dryer with a diffuser attachment and fully dry your hair let your hair air dry, either way make sure your hair is 100% dry.

Next you will section your hair by extending your part front the front of the head to the bottom of your neck, then take a section from the top of the ear to the top of the ear on the opposite side of the head to create four separate sections.

NOTE: If you have fine hair, go ahead and divide your hair into two sections instead of the four.

Begin braiding your first section, starting about midway down the hair. You want the braid to be fairly loose; this will prevent the hair from creasing.

When you get to the bottom, secure with a hair tie but refrain from using any elastic bands so it doesn't melt because we are using heat to set the curls.

Continue to braid all four sections and secure with a hair tie.

Next take your Sam Villa Sleekr Straightening Iron and tap it down the braided sections until you can feel the braids heating up. Continue through the section, tapping and compressing with the iron to ensure the entire braided section is heated. Repeat on all four braided sections.

Now, let each section cool. If you fail to let the sections cool and the curls set, this will cause your waves to fall out. Let the sections cool for a good 10-15 minutes + for best results.

Once the sections are cooled off, take Redken Diamond Oil and spray over the sections. This is going to add shine and prevent flyaways.

Now lets take out the braids, lightly running your fingers through the sections.

To finish, take Redken Fashion Waves 07, a sea salt texturizing spray, and mist all over the hair.  This will create some added texture for that mermaid look while providing extra hold so your curls last all day!

Easy enough right? No complex technique required! Remember to let your curls cool off before undoing the braids!

Do you have a favorite Redken product you love using on your flat iron waves? Share in the comment box below.

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