Rope Twist French Braid Ponytail

Everyone loves a gorgeous ponytail but sometimes we just want to add a little more character to them. However, we've come to realize we just don't have the time to spend on our hair like we wish we did. This doesn't mean your hair has to lack character, so lets improvise and find a hairstyle that takes only a few short minutes.

The Rope Twist Braid creates the perception that you spent a good hour on your hair, but in reality it can be done in 5 minutes or less! Amazing right? So, lets get started.

To create more volume and hold, we are going to start by adding texture to the hair with the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron. This will create up to 3x more volume in your hair and provide the texture to keep your hair holding its shape. After adding texture to the hair, take your Sam Villa Styling Brush and smooth out the hair – this is where you will really see the volume that has been added to the hair!

Begin by parting your hair to the side and lets start with the thicker side. Working at the front of the hair line, grab about an inch to inch and a half section and split that section into two.

NOTE: You will only be grabbing hair from the front to feed into the braid.

After you split the section into two, twist the front section back and over the back section while bringing the back section to the front. Next, you will grab a small section of hair and feed it into the braid.

Again, twisting the front section backwards and over the back section, while bringing the back section to the front, feed hair into the now front section and repeat.

When you get the top of the ear, feed hair into the section, twist the front back and over and grabbing a small section from the back, combine it with the back section and twist. Then you will finish with the rope twist rhythm without feeding in any hair. Twisting the front back and over the back section until you get the end of your hair then secure with an elastic.

Repeating the same technique and rhythm on the opposite side, you now will have two rope twists.

Take both rope twists to the back of the head, cross them over each other and bring them underneath the loose hair to create a ponytail. Next bring the rope twists back up to the top of the hair, you will then tuck the ends of the braids up and over where we crossed them to create the ponytail, tucking under the crossed braids and secure with a few long hairpins.

That's it, now you've created a beautiful twisted rope braid ponytail with added character in no time at all.