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How To Cut Layers Into Long Hair - The Ombré Layering Technique

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What started as a Hollywood trend years ago has quickly transformed into a technique that all hairdressers must have in their bag of tricks. That's right, we're talking about Ombré hair color. Let’s think for a moment about the word Ombré in terms of color, what the term actually means, and how can we transfer that into a hair cutting technique.

Definition: Ombré - A French word meaning shadow or shaded. Ombré hair color tends to be darker at the base through the mid-shaft and gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Now, what if we took the concept behind the Ombré color technique and applied it to a layering technique? Would you be interested? We thought so!

Visualize using triangle sections for cutting layers into long hair, then think further... Space. Density. Space. It’s all taking long, one-length hair and giving it a sense of movement as well as removing weight and density. Think about that client whose hair seems to always sit close to the head...this is SO for her!

The triangle sections you are going to use for this long hair layering technique are upside down triangles – wide at the top/base, point at the bottom. Using upside down triangles when cutting layers will create density at the base of each triangle section and lightness at the ends.

In this video you'll gain a greater understanding about how to cut layers into longer hair using the Ombré layering technique:

  • Sam will teach you how to hold your triangle sections - very important for achieving positive results!
  • Understand the proper elevation for each of the sections that you cut.
  • Get the hang of "talking and walking" your shear – getting away from “slide cutting."
  • Watch how Sam “sketches” a triangle into each triangle section – simply beautiful!
  • Learn how to angle your dry cutting shear to achieve the right amount of lightness at the end of each section.
  • Understand why using one type of blending shear vs. another type of blending shear removes weight differently - affecting the outcome of the Ombré layers.

The techniques Sam and Andrew are going to show you in this clip are mind blowing! This is yet another way for us to incorporate new techniques into haircuts we are already doing to remove weight and layer long hair!

If you loved this video, then you'll love this layering technique  by Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa! Learn more about cutting hair using triangle sections in this haircut DVD from Sam Villa.