How to get new clients in your Hair Salon

If you're a hairdresser or salon owner looking to attract new guests in the salon - this video is for you! We get a lot of questions from hairdressers who do not know what to do to attract new clients in the salon.

We are here to give you a hot tip just one way for you to create some excitement and get noticed in the salon.

Get Out Of The Break Room!

What do you do when you are not busy with clients? Maybe you had some cancellations and you tried to reach out to others to come in and you just could not fill the spots? Maybe you are a newer hairdresser who is still trying to build your book? Do you sit in your chair, looking into the mirror and say to yourself how do I get clients in my chair? In your downtime, do you even think about what you can do to help yourself or others in the salon?

Let's bring up Mylie Cyrus for a moment – Smart or foolish at the VMA awards this year? Well, she certainly got everyone's attention, didn't she? AND guess who received all the press the next day? Mylie broke the rules! She stepped way out of her box and got noticed!

Now, we aren't saying you need to go to that extreme, but if you are a stylist who is not busy and waiting around for it to happen for you, waiting around for clients to come to you, then it's high time to get up out of your chair, get out of the break room cause YOU need to get noticed and make it happen for YOURSELF!

Market Yourself

Don't have the funds to market yourself? It does not always take money to make money! Key words to think about enthusiasm, intent, purpose, creativity, learning, vibe, positivity, team, excitement, curiosity and chaos.

Go grab a mannequin and a tripod and set them up in front of your station and get your creative juices flowing! Practice, practice, practice! Braiding, knotting, up-styles, cutting fringes, sectioning hair, flat iron and curling iron techniques, texturizing techniques, break out the new shears – pull up our free YouTube videos on your phones and iPads and practice the techniques Sam and Andrew Carruthers have for you, right there at your station!

What will happen? You just may be surprised! You will find that you will create a sense of enthusiasm in the salon. All eyes will be on YOU! You will get noticed other stylists' clients will ask "what is he/she doing?". You just may end up servicing that client when their stylist is not in the salon, on vacation or too booked yes YOU! Why? Because that client noticed you and your enthusiasm and they asked for YOU! Your fellow stylists will take notice and your boss will definitely take notice! And guess what else will happen? You will be learning! We must never, ever stop learning!

Other stylists in the salon will come up to you to see what you are doing and ask questions - the vibe in the salon will become extremely positive as you work on your mannequin with a sense of purpose and intent.

Do you see the value in this? Break the norm put that magazine down, get out of your chair and out of the break room and get the creative juices flowing so everyone can notice you!

Be part of the team

If you sit around and wait, clients are never going to show up. Sam guarantees you will get noticed and build a clientele by indulging in practice. Think about it...the other clients in the salon that see your positive attitude, your sense of excitement and creativity they are going to recommend you to their family and friends. Your boss is going to see you as hungry, filling your down time with positive activity, sharing with others and look to you for that walk-in because you deserve it!

Remember this from Sam, "A successful salon is not made up of individuals, it is made up of a TEAM of individuals". Sam is creating a movement. He wants us to think differently, speak differently, and do things differently. He encourages every stylist to do so. So, get out on the salon floor, rally the team, create chaos, curiosity, intent and positive vibes! If you do it, they will come!

Build your salon business through grassroots marketing!