How To Round Brush Your Bangs

Have you ever wondered what the secret behind flawless, full and beveled bangs is such as the bangs goddess Zoe Deschanel? First things first, your tools play a huge part in creating a perfectly beveled fringe. In a perfect world we could just blow dry them with no brushing required but the reality is, you need a round brush. We recommend using a Thermal Styling Brush for fine to medium hair and a Boar Bristle Round Brush for medium to coarse hair. By using a round brush, you gain more control and are able to create volume and finish with perfectly beveled ends!

Lets begin!

Tools used to create this look:

When round brushing the hair, it's all about the control. Remember to set your hair in the brush first using both hand, then turn on your blow dryer and start styling.

  • Begin by spraying your bangs with Redken's Iron Shape 11 thermal spray. This will protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Next take your thermal styling brush and roll the hair into the brush by coming underneath the hair.
  • Use your other hand to help isolate the hair onto your brush then simply roll the brush until all of your hair is around the barrel of the brush.
  • Pick up your blow dryer and set the airflow to low or medium. Begin to roll the brush out and back in, remembering to always follow the brush with the nozzle of your dryer.

HOT TIP: Do NOT place the dryer directly on the bristles of your brush. This suffocates your dryer and is a leading cause for burning out your dryer motor. Furthermore, you have a greater chance of bending and burning the bristles on your brush. We recommend staying at least 1/2" away from your brush.

  • Be sure you are lifting the hair then rolling. This will create that perfect volume!
  • After around 5-6 rolls, turn your dryer off, set it down and remove your brush.
  • Comb out your bangs to spread the hair out evenly.

That's all there is to it. Follow these simple steps to create perfectly beveled bangs! Finish this look off by spraying Redken's Fashion Work 12 hairspray to hold your bangs in place.

Not into the full bangs look? Try this tutorial on how to turn your full bangs into side sweeping bangs!