How To Create Volume With a Round Brush and a Flat Iron

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There are so many ways to create volume in the crown area! You can backcomb the hair, use your volumizing iron to expand the hair shaft at the roots, you can also use your blow dryer and a round brush to create sexy Victoria's Secret volume.

But let's be real, not everyone is capable of blow drying with a round brush, especially if your blow dryer is heavy - causing pain in your wrist and shoulder. Why not change the way you create volume in the crown by using your round brush and a flat iron? This simple technique will add the perfect amount of volume to your crown area, giving you the same volume effect as backcombing, without the tangles and breakage!

Styling Products Used For This Technique:

  • Thermal Heat Spray - Remember, product is not an option, it's a necessity! We recommend Redken Iron Shape 11 for use with your straightening iron. This product gives your hair a slight hold, while protecting it from the heat and future breakage.
  • A Flat Iron - We recommend the Sam Villa Professional Straightening Iron. Its rounded plates prevent the hair from snagging and the Color Treated heat setting will protect and keep your colored hair from looking dull.
  • Thermal Styling Brush: We recommend using the Sam Villa 1" Thermal Styling Brush for a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Styling Brush: We recommend the Sam Villa Styling Brush because it glides easily through tangles and smoothes the hair perfectly!
  • Finishing Spray - We recommend using Redken's Control Addict 28, giving your hair lasting hold.


Step-By-Step Technique For Creating Volume In The Crown:     

  • Begin by creating your sections where you want to add in the volume. Take small and narrow sections to create maximum volume.
    • Hot Tip: The smaller the section, the more volume you will create.
  • Spray the first section with your thermal heat spray from about 6-8" away.
  • Run the thermal brush through your first section to remove any tangles from the hair.
  • Take your flat iron and pass it through your first section slowly 1-2 times.
  • Next, set your iron down and pick up your thermal round brush. Using both hands, wrap the section over your brush and roll down toward your scalp, leaving about 2-3" between the brush and your scalp.
  • Slide your flat iron in below the brush and slowly slide the iron up toward the brush. At the same time, roll the brush up to the ends of the section with your flat iron following closely behind. Once you reach the ends, set your round brush in directly below your flat iron, once again wrap the hair around the brush and roll the hair all the way down to your scalp.
    • Hot Tip: Overdirect the section forward to create even more volume while letting it cool!
  • Leave the brush in place allowing the hair to cool completely before removing it.
    • Hot Tip: Allowing your hair to cool completely before removing the brush will create lasting memory in the hair which results in longer lasting styles! Be patient and let the hair cool!
  • Gently release the section and roll the brush outwards.
  • Repeat previous steps on your next sections.
  • Spray each of the sections with your favorite hair spray, we are addicted to Redken Control Addict 28 hair spray for long lasting hold!
  • Brush over the sections very lightly with your styling brush, smoothing any flyaways and out of place hair.
  • #BOOM - Volume!

Now that you have learned how to create volume using your flat iron and a round brush, discover how to create hidden volume at your roots using the Sam Villa Textur® Iron.

Do you have questions or comments about this technique? We'd love to hear from you! Leave your comments in the box below!

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