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How To Tame Fly-Aways + Flat Iron Trick For Smoothing Hair At The Roots

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Would you like to know two ways in which you can control unruly fly-aways at the root after you've finished an awesome professional blow dryer?

This first technique is great for calming fly-aways and imparting shine:

Recommended for this technique:

How To Get Fly-Aways To Lay Down

  • Comb through the hair one last time, getting the hair to lay as flat as possible.
  • Mist your powder brush with Redken shine flash 02 making sure the bristles are coated.
  • Working from base to ends, brush the hair to calm the fly-aways - this will also impart shine and luster.
  • Hot Tip: This is a great technique for your naturally curly hair clients whose hair tends to expand from the humidity.
  • Take a small section of the curly hair and wrap it around the index finger.
  • Brush that section of hair with the misted powder brush to tame the curls and add shine.

The second technique I recommend allows you to get the hair to lay close to the scalp and will also remove fly-aways and create shine.

Recommended for this technique:

  • Professional flat iron - preferred for this technique because the casing around the plates get hot.
  • Long cutting comb - you will be applying heat to the comb so it must withstand high temperatures; All Sam Villa combs withstand up to 450° Fahrenheit.

How To Smooth Hair at the Roots

  • Using the fine teeth of the comb, capture the hair at the base where you want it to lay flat - the teeth of the comb should be pointed down.
  • Working with your flat iron in a closed position, place the iron directly over the comb and on top of the hair captured in the comb.
  • With the comb in one hand and flat iron in your other hand - still resting on the comb - begin to slowly slide down the section and stretch the hair to get it to lay nice and flat.

Take your finishing from good to great with these simple techniques!