The "S" Braid Technique - How To Video - Sam Villa

The "S" Braid Technique - How To Video

You're going to love this simple braiding technique called the "S" Braid! Visually, think of hippie couture and adding character to it.

A lot of girls are taking sections of the front temple areas, braiding them and just pulling them across the back of the occipital and gripping.

Watch Sam take this simple braiding technique and turn it into a conversation piece!

  1. You’re going to use diagonal forward sections from the front and once you learn this method you can place the braids wherever you want to.
  2. The braiding method is easy – palm, pinch, cross over and move to the center.
  3. Once you’ve braided about ¾ of the way down the section, you simply hold the middle strand, take the top strand and fold it over.
  4. Come from below the braid and simply push back – This is where the character comes in!

This technique works best on one length hair. If you are working with layered hair you will want to use Redken hardwear 16 super strong gel to keep the layers compact. For best results, texture the hair first using a professional texturizing iron to create more volume and fullness!

In this video, Sam explains two ideas of using this as a setting technique using his professional straightening iron and a curling iron on the ends and he also shows you how to pull out one strand of the braid to get a straight section going through an ‘S’ pattern to add character!