Twist Cutting with a Razor to Add Texture to Hair - Sam Villa

Twist Cutting with a Razor to Add Texture to Hair

Twist cutting is a great razor haircut technique to use on coarse hair that needs the edge loosened up to take away a blunt line. Let's assume you just cut a bob and you want to go back through and create some texture in the ends. This razor twist cutting technique is perfect for getting the ends to turn under and add a sense of looseness. Read on to learn how this technique is done.


How To Twist Cut with a Razor to Create Texture



Start with somewhat of a large section.


Twist the section until it coils

Twist the section until it coils up.



Use the Professional Series Razor with a straight blade and hold the twisted section with one hand while you cut in a downward motion with the razor in your other hand. Begin by lightly cutting the hair on top of the section.



Continue cutting around the twisted section on all sides of the section, using the downward motion.



Don't forget to cut the underneath part of the section.



Release the section to reveal texture, looseness and pliability.


Watch the video above to see Sam demonstrate the Twist Cutting with a Razor technique.

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