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How To Create an Infinity Braid

In this hair tutorial we're going to show you how to create an infinity braid. Redken Artist Ellen Devine shared this hairstyle with Sam working backstage at a hair show and now we're going to share this awesome braided hairstyle with all of you!

First things first, we prepped the hair using the Sam Villa Textur Volumizing Iron. We use the texturizing iron to increase the thickness of the hair, resulting in a thicker braid. Also, the texture of the hair makes braiding easier and ensures the braid does not fall out throughout the day.


How To Create an Infinity Braid

how to create an infinity braid step 1 & 2

To begin, gather the hair into a low ponytail then split the the hair in half down the center. You should be holding one part of the ponytail with your right hand and the other part in your left hand.

Similar to a fishtail braid, take a small section of hair from the right side and cross that over the right section that is directly next to it.


How to create an infinity braid step 3 & 4

Next, cross the hair under the left section and wrap it around and over the left section. Then take it under and around the right section. It should look like you're creating a figure 8.


How to create an infinity braid step 5 & 6

Continue by crossing the same section of hair that you began with OVER the right section, UNDER the left section, then OVER the left section and back UNDER the right section.


How to create an infinity braid step 7 & 8

When you begin to run out of hair, simply pick up some hair from the outside of either section and add it to your original section. Then continue your figure 8 braid, repeating the process above and adding hair as it's necessary.

Note: If you're braiding short hair, you will need to add hair sooner than you would if braiding long hair.

Remember: You're only braiding with one section of hair from start to finish. Add hair to that section only and complete your infinity braid.

Braiding Rhythm Recap: OVER the right section, UNDER the left section, AROUND & OVER the left section, UNDER the right section, AROUND & OVER the right section and REPEAT. Add hair from the outside of the left or right section when the strand you wrapping the figure 8 with is getting too short. Finally, continue until you reach the end and tie off with a hair elastic.


How To Hide a Hair Elastic

This hair elastic trick is simple and only requires two U-shaped hairpins.


how to hide a hair elastic step 1 and 2

To begin, take one of the hairpins and push the top (curved, closed end) of the hairpin right under the elastic and place the hairpin on a diagonal. You'll want to push the hairpin through so it's about half-way in.


how to hide a hair elastic step 3 and 4

After you have the first hairpin in place, take an small amount of hair from the back side of your ponytail and wrap it tightly around the elastic, crossing over the hairpin. Hold the hair tight with your thumb, leaving a small amount of hair sticking out.

Using a thread and needle concept, we're going to thread the hair into the hairpin. Once you thread the hair in, take the pin and slide it into the other hairpin, using it as a mechanism to thread the hair.


how to hide a hair elastic step 5 and 6

Once the hair is threaded through, hold onto the excess hair sticking out and push the hairpin down and out the opposite side. Now, pull that hairpin all the way down and out the bottom. This will secure that excess hair and simply hide the elastic.


The Infinity Braid Hairstyle


The Infinity Braid Hairstyle

We love the Infinity Braid and what's great about it is that you can create it with layered hair too. We encourage you to try this braid at home or in the salon and when you do post your photos on Instagram and tag #samvilla and #SVinfinitybraid to we can see your work!


How to create an Infinity Braid by Sam Villa