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Lived-In Upstyling with Anna Peters

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Weddings are back-- and lived-in, organic upstyles are hotter than ever! Brides today are loving updos with natural texture, according to Redken Artist, Sam Villa ARteam member and re:TREAT Salon owner Anna Peters.

Anna has 16 years of experience in the hair industry, specializing in blondes, long hair styling and upstyling. She designs gorgeous soft updos with firm foundations, so that the hairstyle looks organic but has the strength to hold up through a long night of dancing!

Read on to master a lived-in, laid-back braided upstyle that’s perfect for your boho brides:

Building Three Types of Texture

While bridal styles of years past often involved creating perfectly uniform curls, we’re now seeing a shift towards a more natural, lived-in texture. The secret to creating this perfectly-imperfect texture in straight hair? Use a variety of tools and techniques to create different curl patterns on different parts of the head!

(If your bride has gorgeous natural waves or curls, skip the heat tools and use Redken Wax Blast 10 to add control and achieve tousled texture.)

Step #1: Start with clean, dry hair. Create a horizontal zigzag parting at ear level with the pick of your Signature Series Tail Comb. Secure the hair above the parting with a Dry Sectioning Clip.

Step #2: Mist the hair in the nape section lightly with water. Twist this hair, wrap it into an organic bun and secure with a clip. Leave this hair to dry while you style the rest of the hair.

Step #3: Release the hair clipped away on the apex of the head and create a zig-zag horseshoe parting following the partial ridge. Isolate the hair with Dry Sectioning Clip.

Step #4: Prep the hair below the partial ridge with Redken Iron Shape 11 and wave from roots to tips with the Pro Results Double Waver, working in alternating directions for a more natural texture. To accentuate your guest’s eyes, position the waver with the barrel closest to her face pointing up.

Step #5: Release the horse-shoe section on top of the head and spray Redken Iron Shape 11 and set the hair from roots to ends with a modern wave using the 1.5” Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand.

Step #6: When you get to the crown, curl the hair from roots to ends with the 1” Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand. Rake through the hair with your hands to break up the curl patterns for a lived-in effect.

PRO TIP: Mixing up your barrel size and using different tools to set the hair with will result in a variance of waves that delivers a more natural, modern and lived-in finish.

Creating Softness with a Strong Foundation

Have you ever created a lovely, ethereal upstyle… only to have the pins fall out and the shape collapse after a short time? Longevity is key for special-occasion styles. Texturizing the hair before upstyling adds some grip, and creating a strong foundation (such as a braid, twist or bun) keeps the style from falling apart. This upstyle uses two rope braids for strength and a delicate face frame for softness.

Step #1: Create a diagonal forward section on one side of the face, leaving out some of the face-framing pieces. Divide this section into two vertical subsections and begin creating a dutch rope braid in a halo shape that sits just below the crown.

Step #2: Pause ~3 twists to blouse or ‘pancake’ the braid by pinching and pulling for expansion. This results in a softer, more lived-in braid with beautiful texture.

Step #3: When you reach the back corner of the head on the opposite side, stop adding new hair to your dutch rope braid and just continue rope braiding until you reach the ends and secure the braid with an elastic.

Step #4: Clip the finished braid out of the way and repeat Steps #1-5 on the opposite side, braiding towards the nape area rather than straight across. Be sure to incorporate all of the hair from the nape.

Step #5: After securing the second braid, release the first braid from the clip. Use your fingers to shape and pancake the braids for more lived-in volume. Wrap the braids around and place them on the head in any design you choose!

PRO TIP: When placing bobby pins in your upstyle place the bumpy side of the pin against the guest’s head for more grip.

Step #6: Pick up one of the loose pieces around the face and drape it over the pinned braids. Place the tail of your comb through a loop of the braid, wrap the loose strand several times around the comb, and pull it through the loop. Repeat with some of the remaining loose pieces, leaving a soft frame around the face.

PRO TIP: If your guest wants soft, wispy face-framing pieces but doesn’t want a big chop, try this trick! Over-direct a section of hair down towards the chin on the opposite side of the face. Place the 14 Tooth Point Cutting Shears into the hair at a diagonal, close the shears, and slide out. Repeat until your desired texture is achieved for a soft frame without a lot of length lost.

Step #7: Make any final adjustments to the upstyle by pinching and pulling sections from the braid, pinning any stray curls in place and touching up the face-framing layers with your curling iron. Lock the style in place with a light mist of Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High Hold Hairspray.

Upgrading Your Upstyling

When it comes to creating lived-in upstyles, mastering the principles and foundations of styling gives you the freedom to get creative! Texturizing the hair builds volume and softness, while creating a strong foundation gives the style staying power. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start designing your own soft, lived-in upstyles. Anna recommends asking your brides to bring in some cuttings of flowers that match their bouquets. Pin these flowers into the upstyles for an ultra-romantic finish!

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Sam Villa is Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Sam Villa Company (Allvus, LLC), a leading education and styling tool company for the professional hair industry. He is also Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue, a L’Oreal brand. Villa is the 2020 International Hairdressing Awards ‘International Hair Influencer of the Year,’ the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Intercoiffure America/Canada Member, Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Award Winner for Favorite Platform Artist and Educator (2012, 2011 and 2007) and Favorite Overall Educator of the Year (2015). His inspiring education and innovative ergonomic styling tools can be experienced on The Sam Villa brand brings free digital education to everyone including hot tips and techniques, as well as access to livestreamed educational events. The company also offers professional tools for consumers so they can achieve salon-quality results at home with minimum effort.