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Proper Posture for Hair Stylists | How to Cut Hair Comfortably

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Body position when cutting hair is crucial for different reasons. I know first hand just what happens when you don’t take the time to correct your body positioning  and trust me, not only did my neck pay for it but so did my wallet. This is why it's so crucial to talk with you all about how we can set ourselves up for success, simply by adjusting a few small factors while cutting hair.

Lets say you are going in to cut detail on a fringe, typically the guest is below us and our tendency would be to come in and drop the neck down to see closer and at eye level with the fringe. By doing so, our posture is bad and this can and will create pain in your neck, shoulders and back and even worse, could result in problems with your spine.



Here at Sam Villa we are all about ergonomics, reducing and eliminating pain for a long lasting career. So we've got a few tips to help with your body positioning so you don't experience the same body pains that I have had myself.

  • You can move the guest up in their chair. If it’s possible to get eye level with your work, this is what needs to happen to prevent from hunching forward.
  • You can bring your body down. Keeping your back and your neck straight but bending your knees to get at that level you need to cut those very important details.
  • Use a cutting stool. This will allow you to actually sit down to cut at eye level. This is taking the stress off not only your neck but the rest of your body as well. Check out the Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Stool, ergonomically designed to move easily around the salon with the intention of extending your career by reducing bad body posture.
  • We also suggest you talk with other stylists at your salon about reminding each other of these body positions. Whether you create a buddy system or it can become something the entire salon can take head on, it’s great to have someone around to tap you on the shoulder and remind you to straighten up or sit down.



We hope these tips help you with any aches and pains but also make you aware of a few solutions for when the pain has already started!

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