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The Classic Gentlemen`s - Step-By-Step Haircut

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Today, Nick gives us another take with his "Classic Gentlemen's Cut," giving us some of his original tweaks to take the haircut to the next level.

The fade is perfection and the use of the Professional 7" Dry Cutting Shear and Professional Reversible Blending Shear is key to collapsing bulk and texturing for a seamless finish.

View the step by step men's haircut below.

The Classic Gentlemen's Haircut Step-By-Step

Isolate and control hair into a horseshoe parting just above the parietal.

Establish your dominant parted side and set in your beginning base line using clipper over comb from hairline to just below the parietal, around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to connect your base line evenly.

After your base line is established, attach your number one clipper guard and cut just underneath your baseline keeping the blade parallel to the head form. Continue this method until you have reached your desired length underneath your baseline. Repeat around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to blend evenly.

Refine using clipper over comb to blur the weight between your base lines and soften your blend. If using shear over comb, keep comb moving slowly with quick shears. With no guard and your clipper blade set back (open), begin your taper up from the hairline to the occipital bone. Continue to taper until you have reached your desired length working with your clipper blade.

Transitioning to your top:

Using your Professional 7" Dry Cutting Shear, take diagonal sections and cut at a 45 degree angle leaving the longest hair on your dominant parted side (the side you part on). Repeat throughout the top. Leave weight along your parted side as desired to create a ledge. Point cut and texturize to collapse unwanted bulk and lay hair correctly to the head form.

Add a gel or grooming spray and blow dry as desired. Once the hair is dry and in finish design shape, refine and blend using clipper over comb as well as blending shear over comb. Use your Sam Villa Reversible Blending shears to remove weight and excess bulk.

Shape and shave your hard part with your edgers/trimmers. The hardpart should be tailored to the texture and density of your guests hair. Refine with a razor. Thicker hair should have a wider part and vise versa for finer hair.

Apply product and comb into shape and or style as desired.

Stay tuned - we can't wait for more from this talented young artist! If you have comments or questions for Nick or the Sam Villa team, leave them in the comments box below.

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