The Starburst Crown Braid Updo - Sam Villa

The Starburst Crown Braid Updo

The Starburst Braid has so many possibilities and the finished look is spectacular! In this video, Sam Villa demonstrates one way to create a Starburst Braid and provides the inspiration for you to customize this braid for your clients in the salon. Let's get started.

Recommended Tools and Products

  • Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron - Used to add texture and volume to the hair, making it easier to manage.
  • Sam Villa Tail Comb - For sectioning the hair.
  • Redken iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray - Applied to the hair before using the Textur® Iron to protect the hair.
  • Redken all soft argan-6 oil - Use as a lotion for braiding to add shine and create more slip.
  • Hair bungee.
  • Long hair pins.

The Starburst Braid Step-By-Step

  1. Texturize the hair from scalp to ends to create more volume and also to make the hair easier to manage while braiding.
  2. Brush through the hair with your Professional Styling Brush to remove tangles and make sure the hair is straight.
  3. Use your Sam Villa Tail Comb to create a large circular section at the crown of the head and secure into a high ponytail with a hair bungee.
  4. Create a low side part at the front of the head just above the corner of the eye.
  5. Begin by taking a 2-3 inch horizontal section at the part line and begin with a regular braid, crossing the top strand (closest to the round of the head) over the middle strand, then crossing the bottom strand (closest to the forehead) over the middle strand. Once you have completed one braid it's time to add hair.
  6. Cross the top strand over to the middle strand but this time you will add a small section from the high ponytail and cross it over the top strand and into the middle.
  7. Next, cross the bottom strand over to the middle and also pick up hair form below the bottom strand and add that to the middle section, just like a French braid.
  8. Continue to braid your way around the head, adding hair from the high ponytail to your top section.
  9. OPTION: You can stop adding hair to the bottom strand once you get to the ear if you want to leave the bottom out OR you can continue to add hair from the nape area to braid all of the hair.
  10. Once you get to the opposite ear, begin to add slices of hair from below the bottom strand. You will add hair from the high ponytail during the entire braid.
  11. After you have added all of the hair in front of the ear and in the ponytail simply finish with a regular braid and secure with an elastic.
  12. Now, take the end of the simple braid and tuck it up and under the starburst, along the side or wherever you decide it sits best and is well hidden.
  13. Finish off by securing the ends of the Starburst braid with some long hair pins. Mist the hair with Redken control addict 28 hairspray to keep in place.

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