How To Create a 4 Strand "Slide Up" Braid - Sam Villa

How To Create a 4 Strand "Slide Up" Braid

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Braids, braids everywhere! Let’s take braiding to a different level, more of a weave. Using four strands instead of three, learn how to create the illusion of a scarf or headband in the hair.

The look definitely has mass appeal and will have people stopping your clients in the street wanting to know how and where it was done!

The 4-strand "slide up" braid is all about the rhythm – keep the rhythm and you keep the pace without frustration.

For the model in our video, we used the professional texturizing iron from base to ends to prep for visual interest and to create twice the volume and thickness. You can choose to only texturize the section you are braiding if you prefer.

Tools & Products Used For This Technique

  • Sam Villa Wide Cutting Comb – wide teeth used for combing through sections.
  • Sam Villa Tail Comb – sectioning.
  • Sam Villa Paddle Brush – vertical detangling.
  • Sam Villa Textur® Iron.
  • Redken iron shape 11 – thermal protection with use with the Texturizing Iron.
  • Redken shine flash 02 – lightweight instant shine.
  • Redken control addict 28 – fast dry finishing.
  • Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil – ‘slip’ in the braiding/weaving process.

Step-By-Step Instructions - For this look Sam parts the hair in the center

  1. Take downward deep slice with your tail comb about four inches to left of middle part.
  2. Divide section into four equal strands with fingers and label them in your mind with the far right strand being #1 and the far left strand being #4.
  3. Working from right (#1) to left (#4), begin with three strands on the right, disregard the fourth strand.
  4. Now braid - Strand #1 goes over strand #2 and then under strand #3.
  5. Now working from left (#4) to right (#1), disregard strand #1 (far right), strand #4 goes under strand #3 and then over strand #2.
  6. Get into the rhythm - over and under, under and over, over and under, under and over.
  7. Continue down end of section going from right to left and left to right – Rhythm is key!
  8. At end braid, determine middle strand then pinch and hold that strand.
  9. Fold all other strands over middle strand to create one strand – just like the “S Braid”.
  10. Palm end of the section, pinch and push upward - just like the “S Braid”.
  11. At top of braided section, pull outward and loosen to reveal the finished look.
  12. Secure end with hair friendly elastic and set into place with your grips.
  13. Get creative with the placement of the woven braid to frame the hairline to the left or right.