3 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Hair In-Between Salon Visits

We all have busy schedules with work, kids, events etc. It makes it almost impossible to make time with our stylist to keep our styling looking fresh. Taking 3-5 hours out of our busy day just doesn't seem realistic and the reality is many of us stretch our in-between salon visits to the max. But think about it, we feel our best when our hair is on point. So, how do we keep our hair game at an A+ with our busy schedules?

The answer is simple change it up and improvise. You came to the right place today because we have the solutions to help all you busy ladies out there. These game-changing tips will help change up your look enough to have you feeling made over and ready to take on the day! The best part is, these looks are temporary meaning you won't be learning to cut your hair at home here leave that to your stylist.

1. Change Your Part

This one is so simple and yet makes the biggest difference! Whether your hair is clean or dirty, it only takes a few short seconds and I promise it will totally change how you feel.

HOT TIP: Dry Shampoo and a good blow dryer will become your best friend when changing your part, especially on lived-in hair. We recommend using the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer because not only will it add shine and reduce fly-aways due to the ionic technology, but it's extremely powerful and gets the job done quickly. We also recommend using Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo because it sprays on without leaving a film or white dust on the hair, plus, it absorbs oils really well and provides extra volume texture to your hair.

Always use a comb in place of your brush when going for a sleek part. The teeth spine of the comb get to the roots of the hair and combined with the heat of the dryer it works well to smooth out all the hair. Try using the Sam Villa Long Styling Comb this heat resistant comb also has a parting pick which is nice for slicing out your new part.

If you want to add volume to your new part, trying using the Sam Villa 9-Row Finishing brush to lift up at the roots while blow drying. This will help redirect the hair and add more volume at the base

Check out these two different ways to change your part:

2. Change Your Heat Styling Tool

We tend to get in the habit and routine of using our favorite and trusty heat tool of choice. Whether this is a flat iron or your curling iron, we get it, it's your favorite tool and you know how to make it work. But we are talking about changing up your style, right?

Curls: Do you create waves with your flat iron? Try picking up a curling iron, we recommend a 1" barrel, and use it to create waves in place of your flat iron. This will create a completely different type of wave that you are used to creating with your flat iron. The key here is to wrap the hair around the barrel using your finger to hold instead of the clamp. Check out this video that shows 6 different ways to curl your hair to help accomplish the loose organic wave or curl you are looking for.

Straight Hair: If you wear your hair straight on the daily, try grabbing some Redken Wind Blown 05 and spraying it all over you hair. This will create a subtle texture to the hair, more volume and it will change up your hairstyle just enough to make it look new. Here's a simple tip: Add layers easily by flipping your hair and parting it to the opposite side and spraying with Wind Blown 05 to add texture. By parting yoru hair to the other side this will create the illusion of layered hair. Don´t be afraid of the imperfections here, the textured and messy look is what's in.

3. Just Pin It:

It's amazing what a difference it can make when you either pin back a section by the ear, pinning your bangs straight back or adding decorative pins to the hair!

When you pin your hair behind the ear, also known as a the faux side undercut, this will really open your face up and create an edgy/sexy feel to your typical hairstyle. It's simple, using your comb create an approx. 2" deep section on the side of your head just above the ear. Get the section damp and comb it back to really get that sleek look and secure with 2 bobby pins. Spray the pinned section with a high-hold hairspray to ensure your look isn't going anywhere! Simple, right?