How To Give Yourself The Perfect Blowout At Home

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After working all day, hair that was once beautiful can appear fizzy and unkempt. Freshen up your look the day of or the morning by learning how to give yourself a salon-worthy blowout that can be achieved in under 10 minutes. Let's get started.

Section your sides from your top using a diagonal section using your Sam Villa hair clips. Mist each section with Redken iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray from about 6-8" away before you blow dry to add shine and protect your hair.

The Sam Villa Thermal Styling Brush used together with the Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is a power combination for medium to fine textured hair. If you have thicker hair, switch to the Sam Villa Small Round Boar Bristle Brush.

Start with your brush at the root area and place your dryer on the medium heat setting with the air on high. Gently warm up your section as you roll the brush down to the ends. When you arrive at the end of your section press the cool shot button to tame the frizz and set your volume in place. This is essential for a great blowout! Use your hands on the ends to additionally smooth the section as this allows for a sleek and smooth look.

Continue your blowout by working toward the back of the head. Working with manageable 2-3" diagonal sections, begin your blow dry at the roots and continue out to the ends. Make sure you stretch the hair and let it cool before moving on to the next section.

Continue taking diagonal sections until you arrive at the back of your ear, then switch to the opposite side.

Repeat on the opposite side of your head until you arrive behind the ear.

Section the back in half and place your thermal brush at the root area. Pull the section slightly toward the front so you can visually control the air of your dryer. It is essential for your nozzle to follow your brush, this allows the cuticle to lay down. When this happens, your hair reflects light and looks shiny.

Take a diagonal section in the fringe area. Begin with your brush horizontally at the root area. As you roll your brush down the section followed by your dryer start to turn your head at the same time in the opposite direction. This gives your fringe a beautiful swing backwards.

Continue taking diagonal sections throughout the crown area until you dry all of your hair.

Beautiful in minutes! Follow these steps, making sure you allow the hair to stretch and cool before moving on, and you will achieve the perfect blow dry every time!

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Production Team: Geneva Cowen
Photographer: Shalem Mathew
Model: Sharia