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How To Get Professional Results When Blow Drying Your Hair

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How many times have you left the salon after a fresh blow out, feeling and looking like the best version of yourself?

Fast forward to later in the week when you have to wash and style your hair at home, and you can’t for the life of you replicate the style that your hair stylist created.

You’re not alone!

Styling your own hair can be challenging, but don’t worry, we have some great tips that will make blow drying your hair easier and the results will be stunning!

So, what’s the secret? Surprisingly, the way that you section your hair can make all of the difference!

Think about the last time you were in the salon… Did your stylist randomly pick up sections of hair and blow dry? Or did they split your hair into upper and lower sections, blow drying the bottom first, section-by-section, before moving on to the top?

It’s easy to overlook the importance of sectioning hair—especially when you’re short on time. But as the saying goes, all good things take time, and blow drying your hair is no different.

Let’s review what sectioning patterns are the most effective & time-saving for you to create a jaw-dropping blowout that is salon-worthy.

What is sectioning?

Simply put, sectioning hair is when divide your hair into smaller, more manageable parts or sections. Hair stylists use sections when cutting or styling hair to get more control.

How do you section hair?

The easiest way to section hair is by using a comb with a parting pick on one end. (Note: all Sam Villa combs have a built-in parting pick on the end, making it simple to create clean sections).

Learn how to easily section hair in this tutorial.

What is the best way to section hair for blow drying?

Step 1: Rough Dry and Section Hair

  • After toweling off wet hair, set your hair dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Blow hair you hair until it’s 80 percent dry. Use your fingers or a paddle brush during this step.
  • Gather the hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. This should leave you with top and bottom sections, separated horizontally.
  • Then separate the left and right sides at the back of your head using another clip.

Step 2: Dry Bottom Layers

  • Using your blow dryer with a nozzle and a round brush, begin by drying the bottom layers using high heat. Dry one side first followed by the other side until the bottom layers are dry.
  • Hot Tip: Point the dryer’s nozzle downward to help smooth hair and create shine.

Step 3: Dry Top Layers

  • Remove the clip from your top section and use it to hold the lower layers back and away. (Check out our Dry Sectioning Clips that won’t leave crease marks in the hair!)
  • Blow dry the top section, focusing at the roots first to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to create maximum tension for added shine.

Step 4: Dry Ends and Finish

  • Remove the clip from the bottom section and flip all hair back.
  • Part and dry hair around the face, blow drying away from the face to direct hair back.
  • To add a slight bevel or curl to the ends, roll them under with a round brush, blast with heat from your blow dryer, then press the cool shot button to set your style with the cool air.
  • For a straight finish, continue with the brush through the ends with warm air then set with cool air.
  • Apply a styling cream or leave-in spray to tame flyaways, or mist with a flexible hold hair spray.

Elevate your blow drying experience with these hair sectioning tips:

  • Use hair sectioning clips to control your sections and keep unwanted hair out of the way.
  • Never take a section that's wider than your brush.
  • Section depth should be about 1 to 1 ½ inches depending on the density of your hair.
  • Hold the brush in your dominant hand and the blow dryer in the other hand for maximum control.
  • Position the blow dryer parallel to the brush and NEVER place the nozzle directly on the brush. Doing so will burn the blow dryer motor out, damage brush bristles and could even burn your hair.

Choosing the right tools and products when drying your hair

The Right Dryer: Look for a dryer that is least 1,800 watts and has multiple heat and air settings, including a cool shot button.

  • Medium heat is ideal for blast drying hair
  • High heat is best for creating the shape and style
  • Cool air is used to set your style

Use a Nozzle: Don’t discard this! A nozzle is necessary for creating smooth looks and keeps hair from getting too close to the heat.

Round Brush: Straighten strands, make your ends flip and curl, or create waves with this tool. Time-saving tip: blast dry your hair before sectioning hair to release the moisture then come in with a round brush to create your style.

  • If you have longer hair, use a larger round brush to save time.
  • If you have shorter hair, pick up a smaller barrel for better results.
  • Thermal brushes are excellent for those with fine hair or if you have medium density.
  • Boar bristle brushes are best for those with medium to coarse hair.

Hair Sectioning Clips: Keeps your sections clean and more manageable. Sectioning clips may also prevent damage caused by overdrying sections.

Now, let’s put these tips into action. Perfect the blow dry with this how-to blow dry video series!