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How to create a voluminous top knot bun

Big buns are everywhere and are the perfect go to look for the upcoming wedding/prom season, because it's a sleek polished style that can literally be created in minutes on very long hair.

  1. Start a ponytail by gathering hair into a center section at the top of the head. The Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush is one of the best tools for creating a beautiful clean ponytail. Begin at the back, brush section by section into hands to smooth and secure with a bungee.
  2. Brush hair in the ponytail thoroughly from the back towards the front of the fringe area.
  3. Wrap the length of the ponytail around the bungee with the ends facing towards the back and tuck them into the bun. Use large hairpins to secure the shape by pinning directly into the bungee close to the scalp.

Finish with Redken control addict 28 for lasting hold Hot Tips:

  • Very long hair will create a very big bun with great volume. Fine or medium length hair may need a foundation form to give the same illusion.
  • Another way to increase volume is to texturize the entire head with the Sam Villa texturizing iron to create a solid foundation and expand texture.
  • If hair is layered and does not smooth around the entire bun, go with it, make it a messy, casual, big bun.

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Hair by Geneva Cowen for Sam Villa® | Photographer: Shalem Mathew