How To Blow Dry Your Hair Away From Your Face

When you think of fashion icons one that always comes to mind is Farrah Fawcett. Her blonde feathered hair had amazing volume and bounce and swept perfectly away from her face, highlighting her eyes and incredible cheek bones. You can recreate Farrah's swept back hairstyle in a few simple steps and all you need is your blow dryer, a round brush and some styling products. Keep reading and discover how you can create this iconic hairstyle at home in just minutes.


Tools and Products Needed:


How To Recreate Farrah's Feathered Swept-Back Hairstyle:

  • Begin by sectioning the hair -  Grabbing the area you want sweeping away from your face. Remember to work with smaller sections for maximum results.
  • Spray the section with Redken's pillow proof two-day extender. This will refresh the blow dry and add extra body.
  • Think about the angle and the direction of your brush while doing this. Using both hands, roll your first section around the brush so you have control over your section.
  • Pick up your blow dryer and begin by pointing the concentrator at your hand to control the airflow, then slowly move over to your brush. This is a great tip to make sure you are blow drying your hair and not the air!
  • Slowly roll the brush away from your face following closely with your blow dryer. As you blow dry, roll the hair out and in again to create the feathered affect.
  • Before you release your section, hold the blow dryer over the brush and really heat the section up. This will change the bonds in your hair and form your style around the brush.
  • Turn the dryer off and let the section cool down. The most common mistake that people make when blow drying or straightening their hair for waves or curls is they don't let the section cool before releasing it. Gravity is against you, so make sure you allow the hair to cool off and let the bonds form into your desired shape before you let your section down. If you do this, your hair will maintain the shape!
  • Release your section by twisting away from the face. This will prevent any tangling of the hair around the brush.
  • Take your next section and repeat the above steps.
  • Once you have completed all sections, set your style in with an aerosol hairspray. We love using Redken's Control Addict 28 a high-control hairspray for this technique. To apply, spray from a distance (approx. 6" - 8" away from the hair and simply move the hair away from the face while spraying to create more movement and volume!


HOT TIP: Control your sections! The more control you have, the less flyaways and tangles you will get while round brushing your hair. Also, determine which brush is best for your hair type! Be sure to look over our brush guide to help determine which round brush you should be styling with.

Now that you have learned how to blow dry your hair away from your face with your round brush, check out this tutorial on creating curls with your round brush, for soft waves and volume!

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