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Best Way To Cut Hair Around The Ears With a Hair Trimmer

So, you just executed and tweaked a killer tapered cut, …you stand back to admire your work; profile is spot on-balance and …you are ready to clean up the hairline and around the ears… are you going to pick up a trimmer, a blunt shear or blending or thinning shear at this point? Any of these three tools will do the job yet for the best dexterity, pick up a “T” blade trimmer – the blade extends outside the width of the trimmer enabling you to work into otherwise tight areas without becoming a contortionist. “T” blade trimmers allow us to encompass dexterity, especially around the ears.

Below are some Tips & Tricks for success when using a “T” Blade Trimmer:

• A strong grip is not recommended; place the trimmer at your fingertips for the easy rotation and movement. • Body position is key; you will need to move and not stay stationary to position yourself for the angle to hold the trimmer.

Watch this video and check out how Andrew Carruthers holds his comb in the same hand as he manipulates the ear out of the way for cleaning up the back of the ear – an easy technique to master for function and comfort! And observe the angle of the trimmer; instead of going into the line pressing the blade against the head, Andrew presents us with an alternate motion with the blade in an upward position, chipping at the line in a “C” formation all the way to the back of the ear to result in a softer edge.

Once again, you have three options for cleaning up hairlines for short tapered cuts: a blunt shear, blending or thinning shear and “T” blade trimmer. Upon completion of this video clip we think we know which option you will try next time you are cleaning up your male guests or women with shorter hairstyles.

Watch this video to see how Andrew Carruthers used a razor-over-comb technique to create the undercut on our male guest in the video.