How To Choose The Right Blow Dryer

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to picking out a new blow dryer? So overwhelmed that you'd rather just hang on to the embarrassingly ancient one you have had since college? Well, now is the time. Out with the old and in with the new! We're here to help decode all of those confusing terms and get you the best blow dryer for your hair. The start to a beautiful hair day begins with your blow dryer!

First thing's first, what's all this hype about Ceramic Blow dryers?

  • Ceramic has unique heat conduction properties which result in evenly heated hair. This is good for hair health and time and energy effeciency. Whereas a blow dryer with metal or plastic heating elements tends to burn with extreme high heat. As a result, the hair gets over-heated and dries unevenly.

Positive Ions vs. Negative Ions... what does this mean?

  • Positive Ions cause the cuticle of the hair to become frizzy, dull and unhealthy looking. You would get this from a metal or plastic blow dryer.
  • Negative Ions, aka "Ionic Dryers," cause the hair to trap moisture and eliminate frizz.
  • Negative Ions also eliminate static and create a smooth sleek finish!

Tourmaline Coated: Tourmaline is a gemstone-coating that contains minerals which naturally emits negative ions to make the hair shinier.

High or Low Wattage?

The more watts a hair dryer has, the more power and heat it can provide. There really isn't a [wattage] that is specific for each hair type; however, you can always turn down the heat but still have the power. A good range is between 1300-1875 watts.

Multiple Speeds and Heat Settings:

Choose a blow dryer that has multiple heat and speed settings! As well as a "cool shot" button.

Just like your flat iron, it's important to adjust your heat settings according to your hair type. More is NOT always better. Thicker more dense hair is ideal for the highest heat setting, but for thin and fragile hair be sure to use the lowest heat setting.

Your cool shot button can be used when the hair is 80% dry to set your style or curls.

Light Weight:

We spend a good chunk of time blow drying our hair, so you should care about the dyer's weight. Don't choose a huge, clunky, and heavy dryer. Instead, choose one that weights 1lb. or less. This will save on shoulder fatigue and back pain.


A majority of blow dryers come packaged with nozzle attachments. YES, you need these! Choose a blow dryer that comes with a wide and narrow airflow nozzle, as well as a diffuser.

The wide nozzle will expand airflow while drying long, thick hair, while the narrow nozzle can be used when air concentration is needed for polished finishes.

Lastly, the diffuser. Repeat after us: this attachment is not just for curly hair! You can add body to stick straight hair, build volume in the roots, or create a simple, loose natural wave. Look for a deep bowl diffuser which helps keep the frizz down and maintain your curl pattern.

And there you have it!

Now that you have learned what to look for when purchasing your next blow dryer, go ahead and give yourself permission to ditch that old one and invest in a tool that will protect your hair, create shine, and give you a finish you will love!!!

Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to give yourself a professional blowout at home!