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How to Cut Curly Hair

Learning how to work with curly hair may not be a priority for all stylists, but fifty percent of North American women have natural wave or curl to their hair, so it's pretty important to develop the skill.

One way to do it is to watch an educational DVD. The cool thing about digital learning is you have the flexibility to start and stop the flow of info as needed, so you can learn at your own pace and you can refer back to it on an as needed basis.

Think about the different kinds of curly hair - wavy, curly, springy, spiral and kinky, some stylists treat them all the same, and that's why the results can be unpredictable. The differences in density, curl pattern and frizz factor affect the way they react to manipulation.

Knowing inside tips and tricks on cutting, shampooing and finishing curly hair that reduces frizz and promotes curl pattern can make you the go to person in the salon for curly hair, which translates to straight up cash! It makes sense, think of Shakira's texture versus Melina Kanakaredes.

Shakira has big loose waves and Melina has tight spirals, when cut or finished, these hair types will react differently. Don't make it a guessing game, get the facts and boost your curly hair confidence!

Sam Villa's Curlicious - Your Guide to Mastering Naturally Curly Hair is available now.

Villa addresses facts, identifies different curl textures and covers everything from how to approach this hair type at the shampoo bowl, to cutting and texturizing techniques, to product application and finishing.

Curlicious provides everything a stylist needs to know to professionally treat, cut and style curly hair and how to educate clients for at home care.