How to cut the perfect fringe - Sam Villa

How to cut the perfect fringe

We've watched Sam go through the techniques to cut a twisted straight fringe and a side part fringe. So many of our fans have raved about this simple technique as it takes the place of using diagonal partings.

Sam teaches us that low elevation and finger angle is key for these techniques as well as cutting on dry hair.

When we use diagonal partings we run the risk of elevating as we bring down each section.  These techniques are so much faster and easier for us as stylists and not so easy for a client to do on themselves!

The hair at the Grammy's showed us that fringe in definitely in! And the fact that a fringe makes us look years younger it's no wonder the stunners of the evening took to the plunge.

The fave fringes of the evening? Most definitely Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. Carly could have been the live model for Sam's fringe technique as her fringe is rounded perfectly! Kelly opts for a piecy look while Taylor flaunts long and sexy.

Learn how to cut a full fringe! Watch the video above.

Some say wearing a fringe portrays a sense of power - Cleopatra, Anna Wintour, Princess Diana - all powerful women with a true sense of style! Short, long or in between; heavy or wispy; straight or side swept - no matter how you cut it, this is a trend that will always be cool - fringe will always be in!