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How to Fix a Bad Hair Day - 5 Ways

Bad hair days are something that we all dread! They seem to hit at the worst time possible like before work, an interview or even a date! We can do everything in our power to prevent them but sometimes they are inevitable. We panic, stress, cry and just say to heck with it all. I'm going back to bed! Before you give up on your day we've got some solutions to help turn your hair life back around. Because hair is everything!

First things first, take a deep breath! Walk away from the bathroom mirror, grab another cup of coffee and finish your makeup. Sometimes we can get overly flustered that we can't see a solution because all we really want to do is go Britney Spears on our hair and shave it off! So take a breath, find your dry shampoo and lets face this hair dilemma head on! You' ve got this.

Now let's move on to the different solutions we have here to help fix this bad hair day!

Change Your Part: Changing your part is a quick and easy solution. Take it to the side, middle, a deconstructed part or even the opposite side, just change it from your usual. Once you have the part in mind you want to create, simply throw some dry shampoo in there and grab your blow dryer. Using a low airflow, direct the hair in the new direction. Finishing with an extra hold hairspray such as Redken Control Addict 28 will ensure your new part won't move!

Bring On the Mess: The great thing about a bad hair day is that your hair is already a mess, so lets use that to our advantage! From a messy top knot, to a messy fishtail braid you've got this. Again, using your dry shampoo simply spray a light amount throughout the hair for added volume and texture while getting rid of the oils, this will create a hold for any messy style you would like.

  • Headed to work, opt for a lower messy bun.
  • Heading out with friends, definitely go for the messy top knot.
  • Headed out for the evening, go for the messy braid!


Ponytails Fix Everything: Ah that trusted and beloved ponytail, it's our constant life saver! The great thing about a ponytail is that it is so versatile that it can be worn absolutely everywhere! Opt for a slick and classy ponytail for work and a high and messy ponytail for lunch with the girls; it's your go-to hairstyle!


Camouflage with Accents: So maybe you really don't have the time or patience left to try the above, don't fret! Pull out those headbands you bought forever ago, it's time to have some fun. The variety of hairstyles you can create with one simple headband is endless, from a chignon to accessorizing a ponytail and top knot, it creates the elusion that you spent hours on your hair!

Hats are in, especially for woman! Go for a low messy bun with some pieces in the front section, throw a hat over and boom you've got a cute hairstyle and you are ready to go!

Washing Sections: The biggest cause of a bad hair day is lived in hair! This comes from excess oils weighing down the hair or from sleeping in a funky position and waking with major bed head. If you have bangs, we suggest sectioning off just the bangs, securing the rest of the hair away from the face and washing the bangs with shampoo. This only takes seconds and it gives you a fresh canvas to work with. If you don’t have bangs, section off the front section of the hair, from the top of the ear over to the other ear. Wash out that section then grab a large round brush and blow dry. This will add volume and gives you a fresh style to work with!

You see, a bad hair day can always be fixed we just have to take a step back and relax. Get creative, try something new and don't hesitate to throw that ball cap on if necessary.