How To Blow Dry Bangs When You Have a Cowlick


/'kou lik/ noun

A section of hair that grows in a direction different from the rest and that resists being combed flat.


A cowlick tends to make styling your hair difficult, especially when it comes to having a full fringe! Either your hair splits down the middle within minutes of styling it or you end up sporting side sweep bangs, either way it's frustrating! Discover how these simple blow drying tricks will help your wonky bangs cooperate!

Tools Required For This Technique

HOT TIP: Why should you use a styling comb instead of a paddle brush? When you have stubborn growth patterns, it's important to get close to the scalp. Using a comb allows you to get as close to the scalp as possible, making controlling the cowlick or erratic growth patterns easier.

The Step-By-Step For Blow Drying a Cowlick
  • Since we will be using heat, first mist your bang area with your thermal spray to protect the hair from at least 6-8" away.
  • Pick up your comb and blow dryer.

HOT TIP: Using the fine teeth section of the comb will allow for more compression! Be sure to hold the blow dryer on the body to keep the elbow down for better control and comfort..

  • With your blow dryer on its lowest speed setting, begin by combing your hair in one direction while pressing down and holding on to the spine of the comb tight against your head. The blow dryer should follow directly behind the comb. Pass through the hair a few times.
  • Comb back the opposite direction, making an "X" pattern. Again, pressing the spine of the comb against your head and following with your blow dryer. Repeat on this side a few times.
  • Repeat the process combing from the right to the left and left to the right, making an "X" pattern until you have taken control over the erratic growth in your bangs.
  • Comb through your bangs bringing them forward while spreading them out to achieve a nice full fringe.

HOT TIP: While blow drying your bangs, pull all of your hair into a ponytail, leaving out the bang area only. This will give you more control over your blow dry.

Now that you've learned how to control a cowlick when you have a full fringe, learn how to flat iron your bangs without leaving a crease.

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