Top 10 Most Watched How To Videos From Sam Villa in 2014 - Sam Villa

Top 10 Most Watched How To Videos From Sam Villa in 2014

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The Sam Villa company was busy this year in the studio filming close to 100 FREE how to videos all about layering and texturizing techniques, disconnection, undercuts, under layers, braiding, up styles, client consultation, business building and so much more!

We have done the leg work and we're pleased to share with you the 10 most watched videos of 2014! So whether it's a refresher or your first time watching, click through and get your education fix before the new videos are released on our website in 2015 ... and we have some really exciting and new education on the way just for you!

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#10: How To Create The Slip Tie Braid | Knotted Mohawk Braid

It's all in the rhythm! Discover how to create this complex looking knotted braid that will have everyone asking HOW!?!

#9: How To Create a 4-Strand "Slide Up" Braid

Creating a 4 strand "slide up" braid is all about rhythm. Discover how to keep the rhythm and the pace without frustration to create a beautiful braid!

#8: Cutting The Perfect Fringe Using The Twist Bang Cut Technique

Discover the easiest way cut the perfect fringe every single time! Seriously.

#7: How To Create Visual Interest Dimension In Long Hair

This simple hair cutting technique for long hair will create visual texture and add dimension while leaving a strong perimeter. Your long hair guests will love the results!

#6: Cutting a V Shape Into Longer Hair

How many of you have clients asking for cuts with angled fronts -- hair that can move back away from the face? Instead of trying to carve out the angle in the front and the 'V' shape in the back, learn how to cut the interior and the shape will appear!

#5: How To Cut Layers Into Longer Hair - Ombré Layering Technique

What if we took the concept behind the Ombré color technique and applied it to a layering technique for long hair? Would you be interested? We thought so...

#4: How To Create Loose Textured Waves Curls On Long Hair

Discover how to curl hair to create a loose wave or curl using a Marcel iron. Use this technique to create the illusion of natural waves in the hair.

#3: Blow Drying Tips For a Flawless Finish

It's all in the blow dry! We have 3 blow drying tips for you to assist in creating a flawless finish that both you and your guest will love.

#2: Face Framing Technique: Add Texture Without Removing Length

How can you frame a face without losing length or adding layers? Watch as Andrew Carruthers takes us through this technique to give the client exactly what they are asking for.

#1: The Textured Pompadour Double Fold Up Style

Discover how to create a criss-cross style at the back of the head by simply wrapping sections of the hair across the head and pinning into place!

We hope you enjoyed all of the education from Sam Villa in 2014. We love providing you with hot tips and tricks that you can use immediately in the salon to grow your business and make you a better hairdresser. If you have requests for a video tutorial, please post them to our Facebook page and we'll do our best to create a video or get back to you with a solution.

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