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Updated Twist Cut Fringe Technique (Create The Perfect Face-Framing Bangs)

twist cut fringe technique

Add flair, edge or change your style completely with a custom designed fringe, the ideal fashion accessory to your haircut!

Our haircutting expert, Sam Villa, Redken 5th Avenue Global Artistic Ambassador and the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa Company has had some great discoveries he can't wait to share! From parting, to elevation; it's all in the details when it comes to cutting a fringe! Sam has some great tips to reignite creativity, and create the perfect face-framing bangs!


A twisted fringe has arched, rounded edges that frame the face- the result when we twist a section before cutting.

This technique can be customized to complement each individuals face shape and Hair Style!


A triangular section is ideal for a twisted fringe. The point of the triangle being at the top of the head, and the two bottom points of the triangle at either side of the front hairline. You can alter the width of your fringe by widening or condensing the base of the triangle.

Be sure to have your Sam Villa Dry Cutting Clips and Sam Villa Professional Cutting Comb easily accessible.

Why Sam Villa Dry Cutting Clips? These clips are specially made for cutting dry hair. Their smooth surface and rounded prongs help to eliminate a crease or dent in the hair.

To create your triangle:

  • Comb the hair from the top of the crown, forward.
  • The point of your triangle will be at the top of the head where the hair splits naturally.
    • Use the bridge of your nose as a guide to center the point.
    • Carve a diagonal forward section with your comb, from the center point to the left temple.
    • This will create a triangle on the left side; half of your fringe.
    • Mirror the same technique on the right side to complete the fringe section.
  • Use Dry Cutting Clips to separate all hair outside of your triangle on the left and right sides, isolating the fringe.

Hot tip: If your client has fine hair or a further back hairline, place the point on the center of the head, further back to gather more hair into your fringe!


This is where we dive into the detail of cutting the fringe!

For precision and easy dry cutting, we suggest 6.75” Sam Villa Professional Streamline Series Shear and Sam Villa Professional Cutting Comb.

Why? We heard your requests, and we’ve delivered! Sam Villa Professional Streamline Series Shear has been specifically designed for comfort as a lightweight shear and makes for quick and precise work when cutting a fringe.

Srteamline series shear 6.75"

  • Comb all hair from your triangle, forward and bring the ends to meet in the middle.
    • Be sure to smooth out all kinks.
  • Starting with your cutting hand, and palm facing forward, clamp the section of hair in between your pointer and middle finger with tension.
  • Keeping tension, slide your fingers down the section to reach the bridge of the nose.
  • With your fingers tightly clamped on the section, turn your wrist in and towards the left, to touch your fingertips to the nose.
    • Do not move your fingers!
  • You’re going to transfer the hair from one hand to the other without moving the section or letting go of the hair.
    • This will avoid unwanted elevation!
  • Bring your opposite hand parallel to the top of the cutting hand. (Still holding the section).
  • Clamp the section in between your middle and index finger.
  • To avoid elevation, slide your cutting hand down the section, then release the hand.
  • Now holding the section with your non-cutting hand, place tension as you turn the wrist to the left, until your palm is facing out.
    • The back of your hand should be parallel to your clients face.
  • Place your scissor into the section at a 45 degree angle, and chip at the ends until all hair is cut.
    • This will give an edgier look versus a blunt line.
    • Release your section.
  • You’ll notice that the middle is the shortest, and either end is longer resembling an umbrella effect, beautifully outlining the face.

twist cut fringe step by step

For the client that wants a softer fringe, soften the surface by following this technique:

  • Gather a 1-inch thick section from the center point on top of the head.
    • Cut to about 3-inches long.
    • This will be your guideline.
  • Starting 1-inch from the center point, gather a 2-inch deep, horizontal section within the triangle.
  • Standing behind your client, gather the section back to the guide, and cut straight across.
  • Continue to gather 2-inch deep, horizontal sections directing back to the guide.
  • Complete the entire triangular section.

The hair may seem long over the eyes however, our clients often style their bangs with a bend on the ends. The bend will shorten the length so It’s important to see where the length is at for the Clients’ at-home style routine, before we cut anymore off.

Sam shares a great way to find the clients’ desired length using a Sam Villa Sleekr Flat Iron and Sam Villa Small Thermal Round Brush:

  • Smooth out your freshly cut fringe by placing the hair onto the Thermal round brush.
  • Twist your wrist and curl the ends of the hair with your brush, then follow with your flat iron.
    • Turn your wrist as you clamp down with your flat iron to avoid a ridge in the hair.

The hair will bounce up and appear shorter due to the rounded edges. At this point, you and your guest can make the decision to leave the length or bring it slightly shorter.


A bang trim is a common do-it-yourself, at-home whoops! What I mean by this is many clients decide to give themselves a fringe trim. This is not how we want our clients to maintain their fringe.

We recommend offering fringe benefits — a complimentary one-time bang trim in between appointments.

This is also the perfect time to offer products such as dry shampoos to absorb oils!


Due to the fringe resting on the face, the hair can tend to get oily fast. Redken Dry Shampoo Powder 02 is the perfect solution! This charcoal-based product absorbs oils and impurities with an additional benefit of adding texture!

  • For all over oil absorbing, hold the product upright and press gently on the sides to mist a small amount on top of the head.
  • Need more than a sprinkle? Tilt the product slightly, and place pressure while pressing onto the product to disperse more powder.
  • Use your fingers to gently work- in the product.


Accessorize your next haircut with a custom fringe, from shaggy to trendy it’s the perfect way to change up your style! A twisted fringe is one of the most popular Sam Villa techniques, we hope to awaken the shape of your next haircut with these tips and tricks!

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